Sr. Database Administrator (Remote)

in Washington, DC

Sr. Database Administrator (Remote) Job

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    Washington, DC, US

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    Database Administration

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    Full Time

  • Career Level

    6-10 years

CGI is seeking a Sr. Database Administrator with Telecom experience to deliver and grow in key account areas. The candidate selected for this position will have excellent leadership and management skills, and experience leading and developing project teams. The ideal candidate can think on their feet, proactively identify and address client challenges, and bring innovative ideas to their projects.

Job Qualifications

• Understand Existing GSA telecom offerings such as WITS-3, CNXII, Networx, EIS.
• Proven ability to perform testing and analysis of databases including operations.
• Understanding of and ability to test database designs (including schemas, tables, views, triggers, stored procedures, etc.) and operational procedures.
• Understanding of complex problems including performance tuning, application design and debugging. Knowledge and experience with Ubuntu.
Telecom experience

EDUCATION & YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Degree in engineering, technical, or scientific field with minimum of 7 years relevant experience.

Candidate may work remotely from home office.


Job Requirements

Understand Existing GSA telecom offerings such as WITS-3, CNXII, Networx, EIS. AWS
• Complex database design experience
• Experience verifying automation using Unix based scripts (e.g. shell, Perl) for data processing and data loading
• Experience verifying design and implementation of role-based security to meet requirements
• Experience with PostgreSQL 9 Tablespaces, Views, catalogs, event triggers, extensions, schemas, key bindings, authentication, Cluster configuration, transaction logs, PgAdmin tool, and master/slave replication
• Experience with ODBC/JDBC push and pull configuration.
• Experience with Microsoft SQL Server 2012R2 using SqlSCM, Tables, Views, DB Diagrams, SoFS, Hyper-V Cluster, Jobs, repldata framework, Security, Server Objects, and master/slave replication. IBM Domino Server 7 using ACL, NSF, Views, NIF, Pages, Forms, Data Documents, and Clustered replication.
• Experience with MySQL using Tables, Views, Functions, Triggers, Events, Procedures, and master/slave replication. MSSQL, PSQL, SQL for development, infusion, JOINS, candidate keys, primary keys, alternate keys, foreign keys, Index, data set types, NULL properties, Functions, Stored Procedures, Packages, Hierarchical Queries, Materialized Views, Query Optimization, Query Optimization, Full Text Searching, Transactions, and Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs), Logical and Physical.

Job Skills

  • Leadership
  • Programme Management

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